Race Entries

Boat Owners and Skippers – Here is where you can find the entry forms for our race series and individual races too.

Please note that the All Inclusive Race Entry of $250 allows the buyer to enter in any or all of the races organised by Batemans Bay Sailing Club – keelboat and off-the-beach. See our 2021/22 Sailing Program here.

ATTENTION: As a condition of entry and participation in Batemans Bay Sailing Club events, it is the responsibility of each boat owner/skipper to ensure that they and every crew member sailing with them understands and signs the Club Risk Warning and Acknowledgement (Indemnity Agreement). Please download the Risk Warning Acknowledgment form, provide it to crew members to read and sign and then keep signed form/s in a safe place.

(Failure to do so signals the boat owner/skipper takes full responsibility for indemnifying their boat, themselves and their crew.)

A All Inclusive Race Entry

B Coastal Cup Series Entry

C Coastal Cup Single Race Entry

D Bay Cup Series Entry

E Bay Cup Single Race Entry

F Tollgate Classic Series race Entry

G Tollgate Classic Single Race Entry

H River Wranglers Spring Twilight Series Race Entry

I River Wranglers Spring Twilight Single Race Entry

J Off the Beach Series Race Entry

K Off the Beach Single Race Entry

L Winter Series Entry

M Winter Series Single Race Entry

O River Wranglers Summer Twilight Series

P River Wranglers Summer Twilight Single Race Entry