Notice of Race Lake Coila

The first blue-bottles have been seen on our beaches, that indicates the water must be warming up soon.

So it’s time to start training for our new season of racing dinghies, multi-hulls and indeterminates (who said weta ?).

The first race is scheduled for 16 October, that’s about a month from now, and the Notice of Race can be found here.

The 2021-22 Sailing Program, Notice of Race and Sailing Instructions

Download the:

2021/22 Sailing Program

2021/22 Notice of Race for Keelboats, Multihulls and Trailables

2021/22 Sailing Instructions

2021/22 Risk Acknowledgement/Club Indemnity (All sailing skippers and crew are to read and sign to acknowledge they understand.)

  1. Common Instructions – to be read in conjunction with the relevant series/race instructions:
  2. Bay Cup Series
  3. Coastal Cup Series
  4. Toll Gates Classic (Div 2)
  5. Winter Series
  6. River Wranglers’ Series
  7. Lady Skipper/Crew Race
  8. Women’s Series (Coming soon)
  9. Off-the-Beach (Coming soon)