RESULTS - Winter Series 2017 Race 6

30/07/2017 11:35 AM | BBSC (Administrator)

Another sunny day blessed the winter series fleet as they headed out for race 6. Great to see 8 boats out on the flat water with a NW wind.

Light wind started the first two boats true north and north star as they headed to square head on the first leg of the reverse winter series course. Xanthia started 3rd boat as the wind picked up at the north snapper island rocks.

North Star rounded the Square Head mark first followed closely by Xanthia then True North with the rest of the fleet heading to that mark. Spinnakers up for the run to Wimbie Beach but the wind died out for the leading 3 boats.

As the rest off the fleet rounded the sq head mark and they were greeted with a nice wind for their spinnakers to catch up to the lead boats. The race was on to the Wimbie mark,  Shaken Not Stirred with Apostrophe followed by Jembe and Ghoster stayed in close.

Xanthia with her big gennie up matched these boats and rounded the Wimbie mark just in front off Shaken Not Stirred, Apostrophe, Jembe and Ghoster, North Star and True North took up the rear. New boat Horizon with skipper Michelle Grybaitis and crewmen Peter Ottesen followed the fleet around the course.

A great run over to chain bay with a strenghtening wind allowed Xanthia to increase her lead over the charging fleet. Xanthia was first to the mark followed by apostrophe then shaken not stirred then the rest of the fleet. Xanthia picked up a stronger wind across to casey s beach to finish first over the line. Apostrophe pop her spinnaker and crossed 2nd followed by Shaken Not Ttirred 3th,  Jembe 4th, Ghoster 5th,  North Star 6th,  True North 7th and then Horizon.

  • 1 st    Xanthia                    add 12 mins to last offset race start time
  • 2 nd   Apostrophe              add 9 mins to last offset race start time
  • 3 rd    shaken not stirred   add 6 mins to offset race start time

4 boats are in contention to take out the 2017 winter series in the final race 7

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RACE 6 [7/29/2017] Winter Series 2017

bbsc winter series race 6

Printed on : 7/29/2017 8:46:50 PM

Division 1 STERNCHASER results
Place Sail No Boat Name AHC Skipper Score
1 4536 Xanthia 0.701 J Gardiner 1.0
2 6007 Apostrophe 0.865 T Davis/Mcnichol 2.0
3 007 Shaken not Stirred 0.880 S Gasser 3.0
4 4151 Jembe 0.800 C Thompson 4.0
5 3693 Ghoster 0.751 D Perrins 5.0
6 6803 North Star 0.617 J Drummond 6.0
7 92 True North 0.687 S Lake 7.0
DNC 073 Houdini 0.910 T Golding 11.0
DNC 118 Whitewings III 0.670 S Connelly 11.0
DNC 3279 The Shed 0.735 R Spelman 11.0

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