2017-18 Bay Cup Handicaps

27/09/2017 11:30 AM | BBSC (Administrator)
Boat Name Bay Cup Div 1 Fleet
AMS Rating Initial Handicap
Shaken not Stirred NA 0.895 Provisional Handicap
Accolade 0.844 0.894
Wishful Thinking 0.843 0.867
Apostrophe 0.881 0.865
Jembe NA 0.865 Provisional Handicap
Attitude 0.843 0.843
Out Wide 0.900 0.827
Ghoster NA 0.755 Provisional Handicap
Avior 0.773 0.751
The Shed NA 0.735
Xanthia NA 0.701
North Star 0.796 0.617
Boat Name Bay Cup Div 2 Fleet
Initial Handicap
True North 0.796
Vital Spark 0.784
Hobo 0.776
Notes on AMS Ratings:
AMS results will be Provisional as only one re-validation
for 2017-8 has been sighted – and that boat has indicated
that a measurement change is pending.
Notes on Initial Handicaps:
Initial Handicaps are carried forward from the end of Bay Cup season 2016-7.
Provisional Handicaps are assigned to boats which are are new to the competition or lack recent results.  These Initial Provisional Handicaps should be reviewed by the Race Committeee after three races and adjusted retrospectively if warranted.

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